BetAdvisor Update 25/04/2014

Unfortunately not every day can be a day of profits like Wednesday.  Yesterday was a good one for many of our BetAdvisor tipsters but a particularly tough day for Matt Walker meant that the overall profit was -261.2 units.  We’re heading into a better part of the season for racing and we should see results in that area pick up soon, that could bring with it some of the bigger monthly profits that we’re used to.

As I’ve already said, Matt Walker had a bit of a stinker yesterday, a loss of 320 units from 4 losing bets wasn’t what anyone expected or wanted.  There will be better days ahead for Matt though, he’s been with us (online) for over a year now and has made a healthy profit in that time.

Leon Topolski also had a rough day, he lost 180 units of profit from a couple of losing bets.  He’s been in great form this month though and is still up by 836.4 units overall.  I know he’s targetting a monthly profit of over 1000 units and he’s well on the way to hitting that this month.

Other tipsters to suffer losses on the day were Dmitry Lebedev, Joao Gomez and Colm Makin.

We did see some good performances though.  Chris Tomas picked up another 173 units and he remains our biggest winner this month.  Great results from a tipster who has done really well since his long break and at €69 per month he’s looking a very good investment.

Florin Groza picked up 88 units of profit and is now in “real” profit for the month (ie: profit – subscription cost is positive).

Aiden Monroe also want into “real” profit yesterday with another winner, shame about the rule 4 deduction but that’s been updated and he still has 60 units of profit for the day.

Two tipsters who are a bit behind this month also won,  Raul Pinto and John Fisher needed the wins to bring their numbers up a bit and they still have a chance of breaking even this month.

I’m going to be putting together a review of the last 7 days as well as this one so keep an eye out on the blog for that.  The same will be happening for Tipster Academy where we will be having the daily and weekly review.  I’m also going to be putting together the SBR videos and Jason Mills’ analysis, there are some interesting selections in there and one match in particular where Jason & Stuart disagree, we’ll see who comes out on top in that one.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on Facebook as we will be giving away the Friday Facebook Free Tip.

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