BetAdvisor Update 20/05/2014

Normally I would only look at the tipsters that won or lost more than 100 units.  With football matches getting fewer and further between (at least until the World Cup) there are going to be days when the total number of tips (and active tipsters) is very low.  Yesterday was one such day and with only 6 active tipsters and 12 tips I think we’ve got the time to look at each tipster and see how they did.

With 3 tipsters in profit and 3 showing a loss, a particularly good or bad day was clearly going to have an effect on the overall total.  Unfortunately it didn’t go the way we would have liked to have seen and the day finished with a loss of 214.4 units overall.

Paul Brabdury is a new tipster to our ranks and he did not have a strong first day.  With 5 selections placed and 5 losses Paul dropped 300 units on the day.  One of the things we appreciate about Paul is his ability to control a losing period and this was one of his heaviest losses since he started recording his tips with us.  The way Paul works will see days like this but overall he does have an edge against the bookies and you should be looking at his long term record (as we did) when evaluating him.

John Sills dropped 100 units over 2 selections, a loss that could easily be recovered with one good day of betting.

Matt Walker was the third tipster to show a loss on the day but with just one tip he was always taking that risk.  Matt is still in profit for the month but did lose 80 units yesterday.

Onto more positive aspects: Colm Makin picked up 100 units yesterday and was our biggest winner on the day.  He only placed 2 selections but yesterdays results moved him up to 212.75 units for the month.

Chris Tomas picked up 88 units from his one tip yesterday and is now up to 125 units for the month of May.

Milos Nusic hasn’t been having a great month and despite picking up 77.6 units yesterday he still needs another 123.4 units to break even.  Milos is such a strong tipster that we back him to do this though.


Bet of the Day

With this selection at Windsor, Colm Makin had the biggest winner of the day with 140 units of profit from a 40 unit tip.

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