BetAdvisor Update 20/03/2014

As predicted in yesterdays update, yesterdays results saw us heading back to the kind of work we want to see from our tipsters on a regular basis.

Whilst we still haven’t recouped the losses from the last few days, a 418 unit profit was very welcome and certainly a step in the right direction.

Yesterdays star performer wa Alen Hadzic who threw off the shackles of a poor run to pick up 251.6 units in a single day from his two selections in last nights Champions League game.  He picked up a winner at particularly nice odds by going for Manchester United -2.25.  I can’t say that was a result I predicted so all credit to him for it.

John Sills also had a good day, just the one selection but it came in for him and gave him a profit of 180 units for the day.

Leon Topolski continued his good form through the Spring Training games and picked up 174 units of profit, taking him up to 646.4 units for the month so far.

Jeremy Price shook off his disappointing results from Tuesday and got back on the horse straight away, sending out just the one tip but making 129 units of profit from it.

Matt Walker sent out one of his regular updates this morning, I don’t think I’m betraying any confidences by including it here so here is his resumé of the day in his own words:

Yesterday saw a thin profit being made with a rule 4 deduction applied to the winner.  A mixed bag of performances from our runners with a marked drift of the price in the first coupled with a less than enthusiastic ride by the jockey!  Crazy seens with the 2nd tip where the horse flew down to the start, fell out of the stalls jinked left giving away 6 lengths in a sprint and then ends up getting beat a length.  Thankfully the 3rd selection knew his job and gave everything for the win.

We move on, back later.


Stuart will be back in front of the camera later on, recording videos with SBR once again.  We’ll try to get those videos in tomorrows update for you.

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