BetAdvisor Update 19/03/2014

I know, you thought I’d forgotten, to tell the truth it’s been a very busy day here at BetAdvisor HQ with all of the preparations to get tomorrows newsletter out.

Also, sadly, we had to do something today that we hoped would never come to pass.  After discussions with Laurent Marty, he has decided that it is best if he steps away from sports betting as a professional and concentrates instead on the arrival of his first child which is due very, very soon.  It was almost heart breaking to remove such an established and profitable tipster from the BetAdvisor rankings but we understand the decision he’s made and in many ways applaud what must have been a tough decision for him.

We’re going to be sorting out an interview with Laurent some time over the next week where he will give his thoughts on his time here at BetAdvisor, keep an eye out for that.

Ok, the reason you all came.  Yesterdays results were much like Mondays, pretty poor.  Once again there was a limited number of tipsters who were active but with Jeremy Price having his worst day in a very long time and losing 300 units on his own, we were already struggling to make a profit.

Looking at the results from today so far, it looks as though all of that is going to change though.

I hope you’re all signed up for the newsletter (head on over to the main site and sign up for it if you’re not), it’s a cracker.

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