BetAdvisor Update 18/04/2014 plus free tip news

With a 3 day weekend coming up this is going to be the last update until Tuesday and it’s a shame the week has to end on a day of small losses.  When I say small, I mean really small, overall the tipsters selections led to a loss of -9.8 units.  We do have a couple of free tips coming up later today to brighten things up a bit though.
Biggest winner on the day was Leon Topolski who picked up 253 units of profit from 3 selections.  With 2/3 selections coming in it was a good day for Leon who also had the second highest yield of the day.
Man of the moment Chris Tomas was up next.  His 216 units of profit meant that he took 3rd place in our yield calculations for the day but he does stay as this months biggest winner so far with 1586 units of profit won in April so far.
With the higest yield of the day, Alfie Hazel actually won the 4th highest amount of real profit on the day.  It helps when you make just one bet and that comes storming in to pick you up 162 units (270% yield).  Alfie hasn’t had a losing month since a fairly disastrous November.  He’s in good form and we hope to see that continue.
Milos Nusic picked up 152 units of profit and he’s once again earnt more than double the cost of subscription.  Again, you have to go back to November to find his last losing month.
Our biggest loser on the day was Gabriel Vannier, he’s having a tough month but he is playing with profit from previous good months so we won’t judge him too harshly.
We didn’t get round to sending out a free tip on Pinterest yesterday so we’re going to make up for that today.  We’re also going to be giving away our regular Friday Facebook free tip.
Enjoy the weekend and we’ll talk again on Tuesday.

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