BetAdvisor Update 17/04/2014

With 15 BetAdvisor tipsters active yesterday and 32 selections advised, it was heartening to see a profit of over 200 units come in over the day.

Again, more than half of the tipsters ended up with a profit and of those that lost, no-one lost more than 80 units.

John Sills had been in need of a good day and yesterday he picked up 150 units of profit from his 3 selections, only one of his 3 selections won but at the odds he works at, only one selection needed to win to make it a good day.

John Fisher also had a good day, picking up 119 units of profit, enough to take him into profit for the month though not quite enough to cover the next month of subscription just yet.

With one bet placed and 113 units won, Chris Tomas kept up his good month and is now up by 1370 for April alone.

Smaller wins were picked up by Dmitry Lebedev (55.8 units), Joao Gomez (69.6 units), Daniel Larsen (32.4 units), Mike McClain (57 units), Gabriel Vannier (1 unit) and our tipster on probation Boyan Chernykh (40.2 units).

There is about another hour for you to set us a match for video review, head on over to our Facebook page to take part.

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