BetAdvisor Update 17/03/2014

The weekend continued in a similar vein to the end of last week, disappointingly.  Whereas last weekend saw a nice jump in the profits and the majority of tipsters making money for their clients, this weekend saw a loss of 1121.5 units and some very disappointing performances.

There is no point us moaning about “luck” on here, these tipsters are where they are because luck does not and should not play a factor.  Making profit comes down to making the right calls more often than making the wrong ones and that is what our group of tipsters have done to justify the reputation they have built up.

The horse racing tipsters in particular struggled and it appears that Colm Makins choice to stay out of the betting this weekend was a good one as he was the only horse racing tipster not to suffer a loss.

There were some bright spots, on the whole the football tipsters did well.  Jeremy Price and Simeone Tassini in particular both had a good weekend with over 300 units of profit each.

Gabriel Vannier pulled in 285 units of profit to turn his month around and get his service into profit.

As always we’ll be back tomorrow with another update on progress where we hope to give better news.

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