BetAdvisor Update 16/04/2014

Tuesday was a quiet day on BetAdvisor.  Only 9 tipsters were active and a total of 20 tips was placed on the site.  I am happy to report in todays update that a slight profit was made from those tips though and we saw winnings come in from the majority of our tipsters.

Let’s look at those who struggled first for a change and then go onto yesterdays winners.

Gabriel Vannier had a rough day, dropping 300 units over his 4 tips.  Gabriel will have better times ahead, we’ve seen him go through a rough patch in the past and then bounce back with a massive month of winnings so there is no worry at this end about his performance.

Florin Groza placed two bets, getting 50% of them right and losing 60 units, he’s still in profit for the month and it is still early in the baseball season.

Dmitry Lebedev lost another 60 units and the closing stages of the baseball season have not been kind to him so far.  He’s been a fantastic tipster long term though and is highly regarded amongst the betting community, not just here at BetAdvisor.

Matt Walker placed 4 bets and at one point looked like he was in for a really good day when Berties Desire came in and picked up 220 units for him.  Unfortunately his 3 other selections didn’t do enough and he ended up with a tiny 20 unit loss.

The winners on the day:

John Fisher picked up 188 units from his two bets, he got both of them right and was the days biggest winner.  He could do with a few more days like yesterday as he has struggled recently and is still yet to break into profit this month.

John Sills also made 2 selections yesterday and won 125 units.  Johns form has been a little scary this month so it’s good to see a plus on the day for him.

Jonas Jonaitis made a single selection, won it and picked up 72 units of profit.

Leon Topolski picked up 70.4 units from his 3 bets yesterday.  Leon was in great form before the season started but hasn’t done so well in April, hopefully this is the start of a positive run for him.

Aiden Monroe picked up 25 units from his only selection yesterday.  Putting the rough run of recent weks firmly behind him, BetAdvisors most profitable tipster ever looks to be firmly back on track.

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