BetAdvisor Update 14/05/2014

After a rough few days it was good to see the BetAdvisor tipsters get back to making profit.  The day started well with some strong results in the horse racing part of the site and despite some losing results later in the day our tipsters finished with a total profit of 287.4 units from 28 tips.

Of the 13 tipsters active yesterday, 5 were in profit and 3 of those made more than 100 units so let’s see who they were:

Colm Makin was the days biggest winner with 414 units of profit from 4 selections.  The profits from yesterday wiped out any losses built up earlier in the month and took him up to a total of 282.25 units for the entire month.

Leon Topolski picked up another 214 units yesterday (just the one selection) and that takes him up to 475.6 units for the month.  Leon has been doing very well recently and is due for an appearance in our newsletter, it could be this week or it could be next.

Raul Pinto shook off a rough month so far and won 164 units from his one selection yesterday.

Boyan Chernykh and Milos Nusic were the other tipsters to pick up a profit yesterday.

Only two tipsters lost more than 100 units yesterday.  John Sills lost both of his selections and dropped 200 units, taking him down to 152.5 units for the month, still in profit but without a lot of wiggle room.  Simeone Tassini dropped 150 units yesterday from his 2 selections.  He too remains in profit for May with 198 units.

Bet of the Day

Yesterdays top selection came from Colm Makin.  He picked up 330 units of profit from a 10 unit bet (odds of 33/1) with this selection at Beverley.

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