BetAdvisor Update 12/06/2014

It’s never nice to report on a day of losses and yesterdays losses were much bigger than we would like to see.  In all we saw a loss of 786 units yesterday and whilst some of that is bound to be recouped as a significant portion of it can be put down to individual bets losing at 100 units, the overall picture isn’t a pleasant one and we’re talking to our tipsters to help them get to grips with it.

Because of yesterdays losses we’re going to switch things round a bit and concentrate on the tipsters that lost money first as we’re not interested in hiding from a situation.

The biggest losses from yesterday came from Leon Topolski who dropped 400 units, he lost all four of his selections yesterday and we’ve had a chat with him today about not betting the max each time.  Long-term, Leon has a great record but he has shown a history of the occasional losing month.  It’s normally followed up by a strong run of winners so if you are a subscriber to Leon it’s worth persevering through this losing run and being there for the winners that will follow.

After that, you’re looking at 3 tipsters who each lost a single max stake bet.  These things happen and there is no shame in it but the total losses built up over the day made things look worse than they are.

Chris Tomas, Dmitry Lebedev and Florin Groza each dropped 100 units as the day went on.

In terms of making profit, only one tipster broke the 100 units barrier and that was Gabriel Vannier who picked up 157 units after making 3 selections during the day.  He also had the….

Bet of the Day

Max stakes will work in your favour when the bet comes in and by placing 100 units on Kimiko Date Frumm to beat Monica Puig, Gabriel picked up 184 units of profit.

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