BetAdvisor Update 12/03/2014

After the disappointment of Mondays losses, Tuesday proved to be an altogether more profitable day.  Not only did the BetAdvisor tipsters combined selections pick up a profit of 734.93 units, the yield was strong as well at 27.22%.

tipster Alfie HazelLeading the way was Alfie Hazel, he is certainly enjoying the start of the Cheltenham Festival and he picked up 525 units of profit from his 3 selections yesterday.

Despite the Champions League matches that were played last night, the majority of the profit from the football section came from the lower leagues.  Oddsmaker and John Fisher used their respective skills to pick up some winnings last night and add to the overall total.

Raul Pinto and Gabriel Vannier both had good days in the tennis section, Raul in particular has shown a new level of focus recently by going for a lower number of tips but with greater scrutiny and a higher win rate.  Gabriel has struggled at times since joining the site but is recovering well since his rough period at the end of last year and I think a corner has been turned.

Leon Topolski is continuing to do well in the MLB Spring Training games, the rest of our baseball tipsters are finishing off their preparations for the new season and having spoken to Florin Groza recently, I know he’s raring to go.

We’ll be adding a new ranking option to the site later today which will shake things up a bit.  Instead of just being ranked by profit or yield, we will be adding the BetAdvisor Ranking (BA Ranking for short).  This should give greater emphasis on the tipsters that have been successful long term and the most active tipsters.  Let us know what you think.

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