BetAdvisor Update 10/06/2014

I apologise for the late hour that this update is being released but once again we’ve been extremely at BetAdvisor HQ and it’s only now I’m home that I’ve got the time to sit down and write this out.

After a small number of tips yesterday we don’t really have too much to announce in this one.  3 tipsters made enough of a loss to get a mention and only Paul Bradbury made enough profit to get past the 100 unit target.

Let’s start with the positives.  Paul Bradbury had a good day and with a very big winner (more on that later) he took his service into profit for the month.  In all he made two selections and won one of them, picking up 238 units of profit on the day.  Paul also wrote another article for us that was released on the blog earlier today and is worth a read.

Chris Tomas, Jeremy Price and Leon Topolski all made one selection each and dropped 100 units.  It wasn’t a terrible day but it wasn’t a good one either.  We need to see our tipsters take a collective step up right now as results really aren’t good enough.

Bet of the Day

As I said earlier, Paul Bradbury had a really good selection yesterday and a 100 unit bet saw him pick up 338 units of profit when he backed Joao Sousa to beat Jan-Lennard Struff.  A very good selection saw a very good win.

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