BetAdvisor Update 10/04/2014

Whilst we don’t want to gloss over yesterdays losses (down 580.4 units for the day), I think it’s more appropriate that we thank the tipsters who have left the site today.

In total we have removed 6 tipsters from the site today but as we discussed Oscar West yesterday we’ll concentrate on the others.

Alen Hadzic: Alen initially impressed after joining the site but unfortunately he wasn’t able to produce winning results on a consistent basis and that was ultimately his downfall.  We’ve seen bright spots from him from time to time but to stay online we needed to see more than that and in the end his efforts just weren’t enough.

Oddsmaker: This one was a very tough decision, Oddsmaker had been with us almost since the start and we didn’t like the idea of losing another established tipster so soon after Laurent Martys departure.  I’m sure Oddsmaker will continue with his sports betting and will probably pick up a slot on another site.  He’s a very good long term tipster that just failed to gain enough clients or make enough profit for it to be worthwhile keeping him online.  He’s been a complete gentleman in all of the time I’ve worked with him and we wish him all the best.

Sebastien Appell: Sebastien placed over 600 tips in his time online but failed to produce the kind of profits expected after such a positive trial period.  In the end we felt that it was best to cut our ties and let both parties move on as he just wasn’t proving to be profitable.

Albert Zara: Albert is a very strong tipster working in a league of low liquidity.  As his focus is one one league only he was restricted in the number of bets he could place and even a short losing run meant that his overall record suffered.  The profits he made were not enough to offset the meagre amount of liquidity in his chosen league and that led to clients drifting away and a difficulty in attracting new ones.  To his credit Albert offered to work for free so that he could show everyone what he was capable of but we didn’t feel it was fair to ask him to do that.

Miro Stanescu: Miro had actually made some profits in the months leading up to his removal but we took the decision based on the results from his entire time online and after weighing everything up we just didn’t feel that his presence on the site was a benefit to our clients and that has to be the deciding factor at the end of the day.

We wish all of these tipsters the best in the future, we’re sure they are making enough from their own betting to ensure their own future is bright and we’d like to thank them for the work they have done in their time online.

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