BetAdvisor Update 09/04/2014

Yesterday was a very quiet day in regards to the number of tips our BetAdvisor tipsters sent out.  With only 15 tipsters active and 21 tips sent out, it was unlikely to be a day of big numbers either way.  In the end there was a small loss of 38.4 units so not a huge amount in the grand scheme of things.

The most significant of all of the performances came from Matt Walker who sent out two selections, won both and picked up 350.4 units of profit, taking him up to a very respectable 790.4 units for the month so far.  A nice turnaround from last months struggles.

Chris Tomas lost 100 units on his one bet but remains our biggest winner of the month so far with 954.5 units of profit.

Other winners on the day were Jeremy Price (93 units), Leon Topolski (106.2 units), Albert Zara (51 units), Alen Hadzic (27 units), Milos Nusic (55.2 units) and Oddsmaker (8.8 units).

We’ll be putting together this weeks newsletter today and that should be with you tomorrow morning if you’re signed up to our mailing list.

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