BetAdvisor Update 04/06/2014

After a good start to the month on BetAdvisor we were bound to see a day of losses somewhere along the line, that day arrived yesterday and even though we’re sat here talking about a bad day, the loss was only 66.1 units so we can’t be too disappointed.

In total we had 11 active tipsters and 5 made profit from their selections.  Only 1 of those tipsters made enough to get a mention in this post but equally, only 2 tipsters lost enough to warrant a mention.

Florin Groza lost the most on the day with a 200 unit loss from his 2 selections.  Despite finishing the last two months in profit Florin wasn’t particularly happy with his returns and he was looking to pick up more profit as the season goes on.  A tipster certainly shouldn’t be judged on one single day of betting and Florin has a very good long-term record that we expect to continue into the future.

The only other tipster to lose enough to warrant a mention was Paul Bradbury.  He only made 2 selections yesterday and the way he works will see days like this come along.  Overall he has a good history of making money and you won’t find a more realistic and grounded tipster.  This guy has been where you are and is looking to help you avoid the mistakes that he has made himself in the past.

Chris Tomas was the only tipster to win more than 100 units yesterday and he keeps up the good form that has seen him become one of our top rated tipsters over the last few months.  With 2424 units of profit made in April & May, Chris has caught the eye of a number of clients.  That wasn’t effected when he had a short losing run last month and I’m sure those that did sign up to him are happy with the work they’ve seen from him.

Bet of the Day

Simeone Tassini had yesterdays best selection on BetAdvisor, he chose to back Brazil -2.5 goals in their game against Panama and picked up 96 units of profit from his 100 unit bet.

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