BetAdvisor Update 03/06/2014

This should be quite a quick update as we only have two BetAdvisor tipsters who have lost 100 units or more (no-one actually lost more than 100 units) and 5 tipsters who won 100 units or more.  In all we had 14 active tipsters yesterday and 9 of those were in profit for the day.

Yesterdays biggest winner was Matt Walker who sent out two selections and had two winners, making an overall profit of 320 units, he also had the days biggest individual win but more on that later.

Iker Leon is only a few days away from finishing his probation period and I think we’re going to see a lot of people sign up to his service when it becomes available again.  Following on from a profitable month in May he picked up another 153.6 units yesterday from just the one bet.

John Fisher was close behind with a profit of 152 units.  John has seen a lot of up and down movement in his graph the last few months so anyone signing up to him needs to be prepared as he could make you a profit but there is always going to be a risk following this tipster.

Another tipster on probation is Paul Bradbury and he placed 4 selections yesterday, it was another profitable day for him though and he finished the day with another 144 units to add to his total.

Simeone Tassini was the last tipster to win more than 100 units on the day and he also informed us yesterday that he would be active during the World Cup and he would also be active in the build up as he tracks the international friendlies.  Yesterday saw him pick up 100 units of profit from just the one bet.

4 other tipsters made money on the day but they didn’t earn enough to get a mention today.

Florin Groza was one of two tipsters unfortunate enough to lose 100 units yesterday, with just one bet placed it could have gone either way but it wasn’t his day and we’re sure there will be more profitable ones for him in the future.

The other tipster to lose 100 units yesterday was Chris Tomas, again he only published one selection and I’m sure he was looking to build on the success of the last two months.  It didn’t work out for him though and he ended up with a loss on the day.

Only 3 other tipsters suffered a loss on the day but they didn’t lose enough to get a mention in todays update.


Bet of the Day

Yesterdays bet of the day comes from Matt Walker who picked out Fathom Five for a win at Chepstow yesterday, at odds of 3 we have seen bigger winning bets but when a tipster can do this consistently then all we have is happy clients and a happy tipster.

Important disclaimer, there is going to be a difference between the results given in these updates and the results on the site.  The results from my spreadsheet of results comes from the matches played on the previous day and on the main site the results are worked out on the tips published on the previous day.  It’s just a small thing but I didn’t want there to be any confusion.

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