BetAdvisor Update 03/04/2014

Yesterday saw another 32 tips from the BetAdvisor tipsters and a small profit of 105.3 units won.  The yield on the days selections was 4.37% so not as high as we’d like to see but nothing to be sniffed at.

Matt Walker had a very good day with 300 units of profit from his 3 bets.  Jeremy Price also did well, winning his only selection and picking up another 109 units.

Chris Tomas continued his good form after his return to the site, he’s been on a long break and clearly it’s done him some good as he picked up another 115 units and he is this months biggest winner so far with 613 units of profit.

Smallers wins were the order of the day for Dmitry Lebedev, Leon Topolski, Alfie Hazel, Simeone Tassini and Gabriel Vannier but they all contributed to taking us into profit for the day.

Later today we’ll be putting up a free tip on the BetAdvisor Pinterest page so keep an eye out for that.

We’ll also be recording 3 videos with SBR and those will be featured on the Blog tomorrow along with extra analysis from Jason Mills.  One of the videos is on a Premier League match so that’s right in his wheelhouse and definitely worth keeping an eye out for.

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