BetAdvisor Update 01/05/2014

In any walk of life  you have to take the rough with the smooth and after a good day of profits on Tuesday came a dip, Wednesday wasn’t as bad as some days we’ve seen in the past on BetAdvisor and it didn’t have a major effect on the monthly results (released later) but we never like to see a losing day and we hope to see all losses recovered swiftly.

Florin Groza was the biggest winner on the day with 200 units of profit, the timing was excellent as that puts him in profit for the month of April.

Leon Topolski had another good day, he placed just the one selection and it picked up another 169 units for him, that finishes off a really good month for him as he won over 1000 units in April but we’ll be going over that in the monthly review.

With a profit of 123.6 units, Joao Gomez is another who squeaked over the line, turning a losing month into a profitable one.

Milos Nusic (featured in todays newsletter) needed no such last minute wins, he’s been in good form all month and another 55.2 units just reinforces that.

Mike McClain picked up 49.8 units on the last day and although it didn’t make a huge difference to his monthly profit, this is still a tipster we rate very highly, his write-ups are extensive and can be used to make more than just the bet he advises.

Colm Makin is another who got his service into profit for the month (just) with 33 units of profit on the last day.  Colm has attracted quite a lot of attention and there will be better months ahead for this well regarded tipster.

Gabriel Vannier had the biggest losses on the day, he’s had some strong performances over the last couple of days but yesterday didn’t work out for him with 360 units lost.

Matt Walker is another who struggled on the final day, with 240 units lost Matt would tell you himself that he’s had better days.

We’re going to include the losses from new probationary tipster Kristian Nordquist despite the fact that he had no subscribers at all when he posted the tips.  With 108 units lost it’s not exactly a disaster, we just didn’t want anyone thinking we were going to gloss over it or try to “fudge the numbers”.

John Sills finished off a pretty miserable month with another 100 units lost.  Those losses will need to be recovered but John will be keen to put this month behind him and move on.

There were other losses from other tipsters but nothing above 80 units so let’s leave it at that and look forward to another day of betting.

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