BetAdvisor May 2014 Review – Tennis

With half of our BetAdvisor Tennis tipsters suffering a loss in May it was going to be tough for this part of the site to turn things around.  In the end it was too much to ask despite good performances from our two new tennis tipsters who will complete their probation in June.

Despite only making 8 tips since his promotion to the site, Marat Cranne has been very popular and picked up a good number of clients before his service was shut for the remainder of his probation period.  With only 8 online tips it’s a small sample size to be judged on but his profit of 213 units indicates a tipster with a promising future.

Paul Bradbury has been a bit busier in his time online and has now posted 44 tips since starting his probation period.  Paul was actually a BetAdvisor client before he decided to try his hand at being a tipster and we’re glad he made the switch.  Paul’s trial results are affected by a system error that stopped him posting during the Rome ATP, he continued to send us screenshots of his bets before the matches were played and it was that level of dedication and attention to detail that finally tipped the balance in his favour.  With 171.6 units of profit made since he joined us it looks like our decision was justified.

Raul Pinto continues to struggle, we’ve seen this from him in the past and he has always ended up winning money for his clients. A loss of 162 units was the end result.

Gabriel Vannier has had a very up and down month.  An overall loss of 241 units from 58 tips is nothing compared to what we were seeing at one point and he has done well to get the loss down to that amount.

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