BetAdvisor May 2014 Review – Overall

Ok,  I make no apologies for this, there are going to be a lot of articles published on the blog today, not only do we have the daily updates (that will come at the end of the monthly ones but we are going to be breaking the monthly updates down into a review per sport as well as this one that look sat the overall figures.  Oh, and the Tipster Academy reviews which will be in the normal format.

So, we’ve got a fair bit to review and no time to waste!

After a fairly tough start to the year I’m pleased to announce that BetAdvisor is now back in profit for 2014, February and March were a tough period for us and actually saw us in a loss for that year, the first time that’s happened in the 3 years I’ve been working here.  A strong return in April and a similar one in May has seen us back into the profit making zone and that’s where we want things to stay.  We’ve seen some tipsters struggle and a few have left as a result, things have now calmed down and we’re back on a strong footing.

The numbers:

35 tipsters were active in May 2014, 21 of those tipsters finished with a profit.

After picking up a profit of 1600.25 units in April the tipsters combined results in May added up to 1389.35 units.

The sports:

There were 8 active sports in May and this is how they broke down.

Football was the biggest winner with 1850.95 units of profit from 309 tips.  Horse racing came second with 528.13 units from 225 tips (we have seen an overall improvement as the month has gone on). Baseball came third with 115.3 units of profit from 160 tips, I would class that as a very disappointing return but we’ve seen better results from each of the tipsters in the past.  The tennis section saw a couple of established tipsters struggle but we came out just behind despite the efforts of our new guys and finished with a loss of 18.4 units.

All other sports showed an overall loss and we hope to see that form overturned in June.  Rugby was particularly disappointing as we saw a loss of 530.93 units.

Best Bet:

Whilst John Sills may have had a fairly turbulent month (he did finish in profit but it looked like he wouldn’t for a while) he did manage to come up with the biggest win of the month.  His selection of No No Manolito at Fontwell Park at the start of the month got him off to a flyer and saw him pick up 750 units of profit from a 100 unit bet.

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