BetAdvisor May 2014 Review – Horse Racing

Normally the horse racing section of the site is one of our biggest areas of profit so we were surprised to see the football section of the site surge ahead of it and make more money for once.  Of course there are significantly more football tipsters than horse racing ones and with only two horse racing tipsters showing a loss in May, it was generally a good month to be a fan of the fillies.

Colm Makin made the most profit in this part of the site last month with 589.75 units of profit from 69 tips.  He was the busiest of all of our horse racing tipsters but the feedback we’re hearing is that Colm is a very good tipster and he certainly deserves his place among our tipsters.

Alfie Hazel had a quiet month in April and wasn’t especially busy in May, once again though he picked up a solid profit and justified his clients (and our) faith in him.  365 units of profit from 30 tips is a good return.

James Tucker was even quieter as he turned around a pretty bad run and finished May with a profit of 332.68 units.  We’re big fans of James Tucker here at BetAdvisor HQ and we don’t think we’ve seen the best of him yet.

Matt Walker may not have had the best month but he did finish strongly and racked up a profit of 318 units from his 54 tips.  Matt has been with us a while now and whilst we will see the occasional losing month he’s shown us that he knows how to turn a long-term profit and that’s where the money is in this business.

John Sills struggled in May and dropped 147.5 units of profit.  That’s two months in a row of losses and although he still retains our confidence, he’s going to need to show better results to pick up any new clients.

2014 has been a struggle for Aiden Monroe, last month saw him suffer the biggest individual loss of any tipster at BetAdvisor, dropping 885 units of profit overall.  Despite this setback we still see Aiden as one of the best horse racing tipsters around and back him to turn this rough year around.

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