BetAdvisor May 2014 Review – Football

As you may have seen in the previous article, our biggest winnings came from the football section of the site and that’s a bit of a surprise to me as traditionally we’ve seen results tail off towards the end of a season.  Perhaps it’s linked to the World Cup this summer or equally it could be down to a number of elements (relegation/league titles) going down to almost the last day of the season across Europe.

Brazilian tipster Joao Gomez had the best month of any tipster and finished with 1045.5 units of profit from his 88 selections.  We’re hoping he can bring us some home country information during the World Cup but won’t blame him if he avoids much of it as it does look like a tough competition to call, especially with the expected political unrest and the extreme weather conditions.

New tipster Iker Leon may only be on probation but he has done very well for those who are following him.  He picked up 824.8 units of profit from 18 tips (we’re not including any tips placed during his trial period in this review).

After a storming month in April it initially looked as though Chrius Tomas was going to have a small stumble last month but he turned things around and finished the month with a profit of 418.5 units from 33 tips.

Christopher Silenos made an earlier than expected return to the site and was only able to make 10 selections in May.  We were expecting him to be unavailable until November but the 216 units he picked up were very welcome and we’re sure his clients are glad he could get back with us sooner than expected.

Jeremy Price continues to make money for his clients and picks up 205 units from his 34 tips.  That continues his good run in 2014 as he is yet to finish a month with a negative return.

Jorge Aragundy had another quiet month and only posted 4 selections.  Whilst that might be a problem for some, he did win 165.75 units from those tips.

The Football Analyst may now have left BetAdvisor but his profit of 68 units from 5 tips was a welcome addition.  We wish him all the best for the future and he has always been a pleasure to work with.

Simeone Tassini saw a small drop from his results in April and only finished the month with a profit of 57 units.  Maybe the World Cup will bring a turnaround in fortunes for him.

Tomislav Vucic finished the month with 33 units from his 4 tips.  Daniel Larsen only just squeaked into profit with 14.8 units from his 30 tips.

Not all tipsters managed to pick up a profit last month, Boyan Chernykh lost 61.9 units, Geert saw a drop of 160 units, Premiership specialist Jason Mills was always going to struggle in a season very low on draws and finished May with a loss of 264.6 units (we’re looking forward to next season now and are happy to be patient as this is a seasoned tipster who should be afforded a rough period). Finally we saw John Fisher suffer a loss of 716.8 units from his 20 tips, that is a return that we are not happy about and we will be talking to John to ensure that kind of loss isn’t a regular one.

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