BetAdvisor April Review – Rugby

With just two active rugby tipsters working on BetAdvisor, the results from April were vulnerable to some poor results in a few matches and that’s exactly what we saw in April.

Ben Cross was quiet this month with just the one selection, if it had won we would be talking about the profit, instead we’re talking about a 100 unit loss.  It’s the end of the season and things can get tougher at this point.

Andreas Kloft has been such a good tipster for such a long time that a losing run was bound to come along at some point.  April was his first losing month since August 2013 so you can see how consistent he has been in his time with us.

With a loss of 191 units from his 15 tips just a couple more winners would have made all the difference to his results.

With some promising rugby tipsters coming through the Academy, we may be adding new names to this part of the site soon and we certainly hope to be talking about better results this time next month.

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