BetAdvisor April Review – Baseball

With 2/3 of our baseball tipsters in profit for the month, and one doing exceptionally well, it’s been a good period for Baseball on the site.

This is another one of those high liquidity sports where some serious money can be placed.  Just as we spoke about in our piece on Jason Mills in the football review, you can easily multiply the maximum stakes advised by our tipsters several times over in this sport.

Leon Topolski struggled at times last season and we never felt we saw the best of him.  He came back to cover the Spring Training games in March and ever since he has been bang in form.  April was no different as he racked up a profit of 1169.4 units during the month with 64 tips.  That led to a yield of 19.96% and we’re sure his clients have been very, very happy.  These are the kind of results we saw from Leon whilst he was on trial and it’s so good to see him reaching the potential we knew he had in him.

Florin Groza didn’t have such a good month, by his standards it is well below what anyone expected, including himself.  It is still early days in the baseball season though and Florin has more than proved himself during his time online with us.  He’s an incredibly dedicated and professional tipster and I’m sure he’s got his own thoughts that he would like to share with his clients over the results from the last month.

Having said all of that, he did make a profit, he picked up 88.8 units of profit from his 73 tips online, eaking out a meagre 1.93% yield.

We know there are better months ahead for Florin, he’s a great tipster, and we will be standing alongside him during the good months and the bad.

Mike McClain has made a positive start to May by winning his first bet this month.  April wasn’t a good month for him as he lost 317.2 units over 15 bets.  Mike has seen some slow starts before and we’re constantly impressed by his in-depth write-ups.  They have been so long and comprehensive that we actually had to increase the character limit for analysis, no-one else had ever got close to breaching that before.

We’re not going to judge Mike over one month of results, just speaking to the guy you can pick up on his knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport.

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