A Spreadsheet To Help Your Bank Management

We’ve been working on a spreadsheet for our clients to use and help them with their bank management.  It is currently still being developed along with the help of some early beta testers but it is now at a point where you should be able to download it and make sensible use of it.

There will be updates as we go along but right now it works in as much that you can enter your bets, get links to fixtures and results and (depending on your staking strategy) see how big your next bet should be.

We have tried to make it as simple to use as possible with drop down menus and explanations throughout but if you have any questions please ask them in this topic so that everyone can see how things progress.

Also,  if you have any suggestions or would like to make changes and share them with the rest of the community, we would love to hear your suggestions/see what you’ve done.  We will be updating the spreadsheet regularly and letting you know when the next version is ready.

If you want to open the spreadsheet, just click on the following link:


Remember to save the spreadsheet onto your own system before quitting.

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