Tipster Academy Weekend Update 19/05/2014

This weekend has not said a lot about the honesty of many of our tipsters on Tipster Academy.  It didn’t take me long to find a number of errors and as a result two tipsters have been banned and 3 others have received final warnings.

We will not accept tipsters who are dishonest or those who are ignoring the rules of the trial.  I have also removed Munja from the trial process because he continued to enter “iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” as his analysis for each and every tip.

Results were not good over the weekend, we have 10 profitable (and honest) tipsters to look at but the overall results was a combined loss of 1549.23 units from the proofed tips.  In line with tipsters cheating, the profit from all of the tips was actually +122.04 so you can work out for yourself the chances of many of those tips being entered with wrong information.

Bet of the Weekend

These tipsters with Private accounts are doing remarkably well.  Once again, we cannot name the tipster with the best bet of the weekend as they had a Private account.  The bet itself was on the game between Tromso IL v Baerum SK.  The tipster chose a selection of Over 5.5 goals and with 7 scored in total it came in nicely.  The chosen bookie was Betfair which does have to bring into question the amount of liquidity available in the market for this selection.  The profit on this bet alone was 722 units from a 100 unit (5%) bet.

16/05/2014 – 18/05/2014

151 tipsters across 8 sports.

683 Proofed Tips from 780 tips in total.


  1. Gold Soccer Tip only started at Tipster Academy on Friday and they entered a total of 30 (yes, THIRTY) tips over the space of 3 days.  That’s good going when you can only enter 5 tips at any one time!  Using a set text makes things easier and there is no arguing with their results.  They picked up 1302 units of profit from those 30 tips.  A name change would be preferred as would some individual focus and analysis for matches but I’m not going to quibble at this point.
  2. This Football tipster cannot be named as they have a “Private” account.
  3. Gregor Sykora was featured last week and they get another name check after picking up 546.73 units of profit from 12 selections (all proofed).
  4. Tennis tipster “over” has only provided 8 tips so it’s very difficult to say how they will do long-term (almost impossible) but their analysis looks good and if they can keep making the kind of selections that saw them win 508.01 units then they stand a good chance.  A name change is needed.
  5. Football tipster insidebetting made 5 selections (4 proofed) over the weekend and picked up 357.6 units.  I’ve checked out their unproofed selection and that was good as well.  insidebetting missed out at the 100 tip mark but if they can keep this up for another 40 tips then they will come under serious consideration.
  6. Horse racing tipster E.S. Black may have only got one of their five selections right over the weekend but that was enough to see them pick up 270 units of profit.  Betting on long odds selections can see that kind of thing happen but it will effect a tipsters general consistency.  The analysis provided with each of this tipsters selections looks good.
  7. This Football tipster cannot be named as they have a “Private” account.
  8. If you’re going to use a set text analysis then at least do it properly.  Football tipster gamblermk2 may have a bad screen name but his set text is pretty good (certainly one of the better ones I’ve seen). With 12 tips over the weekend and 239.4 units of profit, this tipster deserves his place in the rankings.
  9. I have a feeling that football tipster kooper is a Mario Bros fan.  Why else would you choose that name?  It certainly needs a rethink.  Only 2 tips from kooper this weekend but both win and a profit of 202 units was the end result.
  10. Tennis tipster Dlabollik (what?) won his first two bets placed on Tipster Academy, a third tip failed to win in the early hours of the morning but that will be counted on the next round of updates.  With both tips winning Dlabollik picked up 195 units of profit.

Today is evaluation day so I’ll be diving into the records of a number of tipsters and see if anyone is ready to take the step up.  I’m not going to be in the office from Wednesday as I’m taking a week off.  That means that it’s unlikely anyone will be promoted this week but if we find someone really good, we’ll push to get them online.

Finally, we would like to wish Palindroma Racing a swift recovery, he’s not had a great weekend and needs to take some time off so we wish him all the best and look forward to seeing him back in these updates as soon as he’s feeling better.

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