Spotlight on: Matt Walker

Spotlight on: Matt Walker

Have you made a consistent profit month on month for the past 7 months? Horse racing expert Matt Walker has, and he has built an impressive set of results from more than 1,500 tips here at Bet Advisor. He boasts a 30% win rate, but with average odds of just under 3.7, this has lead to a total profit of more than 9,000 units on our platform.

Matt’s strategy is simple, find value horses (ones that are overpriced by bookmakers) and advise them to his members. If he advises a bet between the prices of 1.80 and 6.00, you can be sure that it meets his criteria and definitely has more of a chance of winning than the bookmaker’s price would suggest. His favourite track is Wolverhampton, where he has placed 120 tips and boasts a 26% yield and more than 2,500 units of profit! He is very disciplined in what he does here at Bet Advisor, and he is one of our most reliable tipsters. This is highlighted by the fact that around 99.5% of his tips are placed between 9am and 2pm. This ensures decent liquidity for himself and his clients, and also ensures that his clients know when to expect tips so they can be prepared to back them once they’ve been sent.

“During these 20 years [in the betting industry], I’ve learned that value is key”

He is a very straight forward tipster to follow. 100% of his tips have been on the “winner” market, so you know where to go straight away with the bookmaker you use. His stakes are consistent too. Also, considering the number of meets and races that take place over the year, Matt is very selective in the bets he places, averaging comfortably less than 2 tips per day. You never need to worry about large portions of your bank being ‘active’ at the same time. Horse racing is typically riskier than team sports, but Matt’s strategy debunks this idea, proving that you can play the horse racing game steadily and build profits over time.

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