Liverpool is Google’s most searched EPL club 2014

Liverpool is Google’s most searched EPL club 2014

Google, the world’s most popular search engine with more than two trillion searches registered in 2013, can certainly be considered an interesting popular trend benchmark. With 2014 getting near to its end Google has released its “Most Searched UK” 2014 list and it makes for an interesting read. Ebola was the top news story of the year, followed by ALS, surely inspired by the ice bucket challenge that swept the internet promoting awareness of the disease, and Malaysia Airlines, which lost two passenger planes in separate incidents during 2014. In fourth place comes the Luis Suarez’s bite on Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini during the World Cup.

Google’s Stephen Rosenthal said of the results: “With so many of us now having multiple computers, phones and tablets immediately to hand, these results are the most accurate and comprehensive collection of what the UK’s been talking about this year.”

In football, there was something of a surprise as Hull City were the fourth most searched for Premier League team, ahead of the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City. Liverpool topped that particular table ahead of rivals Manchester United, with Arsenal in third. Sunderland came in sixth ahead of Burnley and Southampton respectively in seventh and eighth. Everton were tenth with the reigning champions only ninth.


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