Anfieldbids an emotional farewell to its long-term captain and leader, Steven Gerrard

In an emotional Saturday afternoon, Anfield bid farewell to its legend, Steven Gerrard wishing him all the best for the future and thanking him for the many glorious years spent together, 17 to be precise. “I preferred taking this decision myself, rather than waiting for the club to show me the door. It was the most difficult decision I have ever had to make but I think I have done it the right way and at the right time. I have loved every minute that I have worn this jersey and I have always tried my absolute best. Admittedly, no journey is ever without bumps, but I am incredibly proud of what I have achieved as a Liverpool player. What is my greatest regret? Not winning a Premier League. Another sad point was losing the 2007 Champions League final, but on the up side was the 2005 final which we won. It was the greatest ever football moment of my career. My best ever goal would have to be the one I scored against Olympiakis. What do I think about my managers? Gerard Houllier made me club captain, Benitez improved me tactically, Daglish was my childhood hero and with Rodgers I have spent the last three important seasons. Life is made up of farewells and one has to learn to accept them but I know that leaving Liverpool will not be easy, and I am leaving with absolutely no regrets.”
A top football betting expert observed how the city of Liverpool bode an emotional farewell to one of the greatest ever players to wear the red jersey. Gerrard said goodbye to his adoring fans after 709 games for Liverpool, the team he supported as a kid and for which he has been playing since the age of 17. In his last game at Anfield, which the home side lost 3-1 to Crystal Palace, Stevie played pretty badly and scuffed some very bad shots but that is purely a journalistic detail, as this day will be remembered as a magical and emotional one that only football is capable of producing. Credit to the Palace fans too, who stayed behind and applauded Gerrard well after the final whistle went, a gesture which was appreciated and acknowledged by the man himself.
This truly was a special day for many, with fans travelling from far and wide, Australia, Kuwait and the United States, the very next football destination for Stevie as he will join the LA Galaxy from the end of June 2015. Not such a bad destination, at least as far as the quality of life is concerned, a football tipster is certain that the Gerrards will enjoy the California sun more than the Merseyside rain. Before this final match even started Stevie was invited on the pitch at Anfield by a guard of honour made up of both teams with the stadium rocking. Once the final whistle went, nobody cared about the defeat, they were all too concerned with getting one last chance to show their affection for Captain Fantastic, The most emblematic scene was all of his Liverpool team-mates, (wearing his number 8 jersey) who followed Gerrard around the Anfield pitch (respectfully staying a few metres behind) throughout his slow lap of honour. A visibly emotional Gerrard stopped for a moment to answer Liverpoolfctv interview questions: “I will miss this stadium like mad…it will be with me forever and even if there isn’t one particular moment that stands out as there are so many, I will always remember the first time I ever came out in front of this crowd wearing a Liverpool shirt…it was incredible. I want to thank everyone: my teammates all of them, those out here with me today and those I played with over the years, every member of staff at this great club and you fans, all over the world, you truly are the best fans.

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