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Jockey Adam Kirby

Adam Kirby is a British jockey who predominantly rides for Clive Cox, he is supported by other notable establishments such as Godolphin who occasionally provide him outside rides from their two stable jockeys, James Doyle and William Buick. It should be noted that it is Charlie Appleby and not Saeed Bin Suroor who uses him on their runners occasionally.

J Osbourne, P Evans and A W Carroll are also keen advocates to use his talents when the opportunity arises.

His walking around weight is 9 stones, and according to my database that makes him the heaviest professional jockey in the UK that is currently riding. However, despite his weight, he gets more rides than most jockeys, from 2013 to 2015 he rode over a 1000 times and he must have a very good agent to fill that quota.

He has now recorded seven consecutive centuries since 2011 and has already surpassed that landmark figure this current season, so it’s no surprise that his services are in constant demand.

His best winning tally came in 2014 where he recorded 192 wins from a mind boggling 1202 rides representing a 16% win strike rate, a remarkable achievement given the sample size.

He is often seen jetting off from one afternoon day of racing to an evening meeting, so his work ethic can’t be doubted nor can his desire to win which is his one of his main strengths.

Strong in a finish, and in tight spots using his strength to get through gaps while maintaining momentum are other skills that are apparent. He is efficient in all departments based on where he is positioned in a race, so if he is riding from the back he doesn’t tend to leave his run too late and if more prominently then still knows when is the right time to make a big move, usually not too soon or too late.

He is of course an all-weather specialist and rides those tracks better than most, that view supported by his multitude of wins as All-weather champion jockey.

The turf courses he rides best are as follows; Windsor, Bath and Brighton and are worth noting when riding on a Clive Cox runner.

Here are some worthwhile stats for betting purposes.

Please note records are based on a level staking plan to one Euro or Sterling per bet at SP (Industry prices).


Race Type: Non-Handicap

Trainer: C Cox

Bets: 763 Wins:121  Win Strike Rate: 16%  P/L +45.23


Race Type: Handicap

Trainer: A W Carroll

Bets: 148 Wins:24  Win Strike Rate: 16%  P/L +49.25


Race Type: Handicap

Trainer: C Appleby

Bets: 96 Wins:28 Win Strike Rate: 29%  P/L +25.06

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