Jockey Assessment (Flat) Silvestre De Sousa

Jockey Assessment (Flat) Silvestre De Sousa

Silvestre De Sousa is a former champion jockey and barring injuries or a lengthy suspension looks on his way to winning another title for the 2017 season.

He’s done remarkably well in the last two seasons when you consider he was relieved of his duties for high profile connections in the shape of Godolphin.

It appears he is currently riding with a lot of confidence, often delivering a charge at the right time during the race or finding the right gaps when others may have taken a more scenic route.

Like most champion jockeys before him, he possesses a lot of natural strength in the saddle from his lower hips to his upper body which allows horses to propel forward in a more natural motion.

He is a keen student of form, something that may not be apparent when he conducts interviews but his extensive knowledge of the book means he can often be found tracking the right horse at the right time and usually knows where to be positioned based on how the race is being run from a pace perspective.

This is a vital attribute that not many jockeys can deliver on a consistent basis which makes him Mr reliable for most occasions and I would say one of the few jockeys riding where if he is beaten by one it is down to the ability of the horse rather than any lack of misjudgement, of course, there are exceptions as with any pilot but it is less frequent where he is concerned.

Here are some worthwhile stats for betting purposes.

Please note records are based on a level staking plan to one Euro or Sterling per bet at SP (Industry prices).

Race Type: Non-Handicap

Trainer: B Meehan

Bets: 63 Wins:18  Win Strike Rate: 29%  P/L +67.64

Race Type: Handicap

Trainer: H Morrison

Bets: 64 Wins:17  Win Strike Rate: 27%  P/L +50.00

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