Teucro Caixanova vs BM Sinfin Tip and Prediction

Follow us down Spain way for today’s FREE TIP. Its Teucro Caixanova vs BM Sinfin in the Spanish pro handball league. Get your free tip from Kristian Nordquist:

“I noticed that I don’t have a lot of success when I give two opinions about the game, the first one usually becomes won, and the other – lost. But, I simply need to follow my instinct there. I’m aware that this can go on 70+goals, but my first opinion here was under 61.5 goals. It is true that these two teams play superfast, but 61.5 is a sky high margin and I think it should be around 58.5. But, regarding the latest results of these teams, I must back the guests. Also, they are a team that prefers little slower play (57 goals per game, compared with 61.5 of Teucro). So, I think that game is going to finish under, but that should happen if Adelma plays well. It is more probable for me to see result like, for example, 32-32 than 31-26.”

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