Sunderland v Manchester United Tips and Prediction

It’s another Premier tip from the Premier League from our tipster Odds Detective. It’s waiting right HERE Sunderland v Manchester United:

“Hi football fans! We expect United to beat Sunderland on Saturday’s opening game of the 26th matchweek. United is in form. They are doing great lately. Van Gaal finally understood, that he needs to let it’s center midfielders to attack the goal directly. Since van Gaal changed his mind, United beat Stoke 3-0, with a really nice play and drew at Stamford Bridge. Sunderland played catastrophically against Liverpool. They had nothing to deal with the attacking play and posession-oriented play Klopp’s team came with. Liverpool dominated all the match, they had 72% posession and 2-0. After the fans started to protest and go home in 77th minute they conceded twice, but that match was nothing close to equal one. We expect absolutely the same against United, which is better on the road than home. We expect a nice straightforward win from United. ShowTime, OddsDetective”

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