San Antonio Spurs vs Oklahoma City Thunder Betting Tip and Prediction

San Antonio Spurs vs Oklahoma City Thunder coming up. Our basketball tipster Donatello Godo can help you WIN. Click HERE to get it.

“I think San Antonio is going to hit first in this semifinal. I think Leonard can really dry Durant and in general Spurs defense will be very annoying for Thunder. Thunder won 4-1 Dallas, but I saw them really struggling at some points. If Dallas wasn’t so shortbenched for injuries they could won some more matches. Nowitzki had to rest eventually and there is when Thunder hit in every game. But Spurs is a totally different history. They have an amazing bench (second most productive bench in the league) and Mills, Ginobili, West… can make rotations without damaging Spurs game, specially at defense. Spurs only lost a game in the entire season at home, and Thunder can have a bad time in front of such a good defense. I really think this pick has value. Good luck!”

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