Real Madrid vs Sevilla FC Betting Tip and Prediction

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“The Super Cup of UEFA, the third year in a row meet Spanish teams Real Madrid against Seville, the match will take place in Norway. I consider that Seville has good chances if not to take a cup, then at least not to play in the main time. Seville has lost several players this summer, the main losses it is final Krykhovyak and Gameyro, but it is normal practice for club, to lose a couple of the leaders. After the first triumph in LE the team has lost Rakitiç and Moreno, after the second victory Bakka and Vidal have gone to LE, nevertheless Seville remains every year quite competitive team. In this THAT Seville has purchased Vaskeza, Correa, Ganso, Ben Yeddera, Kiyotake, Merkado, Sarabia, and also from Atletico Viyetto and Kranevittera have leased. The trainer Unai Umeri has left Seville and main, but to him have found quite quite good replacement on behalf of Jorge Sampaoli who directed the national team of Chile and all the Cup of America has won a year ago. As for Real, surprisingly any loud by a transfer creamy this summer did, having signed only Moratu. Zidane of course the good fellow, so to a descent has won the Champions League, but after all you should not overestimate it that it really is as the trainer it will be visible only in this season. On the way to the final of LCh very easy rivals have got, and have won the final not without luck share when Griezmann, and then and Huanfran in a series of eleven-meter has not scored a penalty. In general the Real the actions shows that the Super Cup is not so important for them, to Kroos and Bale have purposefully extended issue, understanding that they will not manage to be prepared for this match in any way. According to Zidane, he does not want to repeat Ancelotti’s mistakes when that has failed the second season and to give to players sufficient time for rest and recovery before a new season. Now it is direct about all personnel losses of Real before this match, and all write that only about Ronaldo, holding back the others which the mentioned Bale are among, Kroos, and also Navas and Pepe, plus Benzema only after an injury and in a starting lineup it will definitely not leave. And all this a half of the main structure, from all these players equivalent replacement it is possible to find only Pepe instead of whom there will be a Monitor lizard. As for Seville, she has begun preparation earlier and already has managed to play 6 friendly matches which she everything has won. At last the chance was got by Konoplyanka who has scored 3 goals in 5 matches.”

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