Raonic, Milos playing against Mannarino, Adrian Betting Tip and Prediction

Raonic, Milos playing against Mannarino, Adrian. Our tennis tipster Rich Rea Tennis can help you WIN.
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“When you play on a Grand Slam, it’s always a high probability of more than 3 sets in a match. The odds are really nice on this event, concerning that Mannarino plays at home and will be strongly supported there. Also Mannarino has played some good matches recently (against Paire, Haase, Pella and Kukushkin) which proves his good performance. Milos Raonic is quite an unpredictable player and everything depends on his good service. If he should have a worse day, it’s a chance for Mannarino to win at least one set (and I’m sure he is going to have these opportunities).”

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