Germany vs Northern Ireland Betting Tip and Prediction

Germany vs Northern Ireland coming up! 
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“Germany are predictably dominating their group. They should be able to win it comfortably, but to do so they must first accumulate a few convincing wins against the rest of the group. This time they face Northern Ireland, a team that has been improving steadily in recent years but which should still be no match to the might Germans. This is the kind of situation where, historically, the Meisterschaft are tremendously reliable and consistent. They usually win those games by 3 or 4 goals. Having played only a few days ago and with club football fast approaching they may not play as intensely as they could, so they may end up winning only by 2 goals, which is why this handicap is good, as our stake would be protected. A narrow win or the host dropping points are, in my opinion, unlikely scenarios, a 3 goal win is a lot more likely. Germany’s first two games finished 3-0, my money is on this scenario happening once again.”
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