Galatasaray Instanbul vs Fenerbahce Betting Tip and Prediction

Galatasaray Instanbul vs Fenerbahce coming up.  Want to find out the Winner?  Our football tipster Hyman Mcgown can help you WIN.
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“We are going for next pick with Turkish cup final between Galatasaray and Fenerbahce… Gala has got very poor season behind… they finished far behind first places… they are in very bad situation in club…. Fenerbahce has finished on 2nd place.. but. this place doesnt count nothing in Turkey.. So.. they need to take this cup.. to get one trophy this season.. They are far better as Galatasaray… and I see big difference here in quality, mentality … I think they will beat Gala even with more as one goal difference.. If Gala will score.. I am sure, Fener could score 2 or 3 more goals… good luck!”
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