FC Zürich vs FC Vaduz Betting Tip and Prediction

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“Absolute and unexpected drama at Letzigrund for the last match of Swiss Superleague this season, where FC Zurich, an historic team, former champion of Superleague not so many years ago, and a traditional academy of international Swiss players, needs desperately three points against FC Vaduz, yet saved from relegation this season…and wait a miracle at Stadio Cornaredo, in order to stay one more season at Superleague. No excuses, the season of Zurich has been surrealistic, awful, probably the worst season on the last 25 years, and now its destiny isn’t on its hands, but on Sankt Gallen and Lugano ones, while a victory of Lugano at home damn automatically Zurich to relegation. But FC Zurich must do its duty first, and its duty is win this match whatever the way they get it; Uli Forte substitued Hyypia on bench two weeks ago, and last match at Tourbillon against Sion (2-2) has left some hopes on team, with Kerzhakov, Etoundi and Buff creating a lot of chances on Sion’s goal, but Zurich dismissed two advantages on score. Forte will count with all the attacking power on this match to win it: Kerzhakov, Buff, Etoundi, Bua, Chiumiento, although he won’t may count on defender Alain Nef, sent off against Sion… On the other side, Vaduz, the Liechtenstein team, may prepare yet indeed next season, as they got to avoid relegation on last match at Rheinpark against Lugano (0-0), and probably will play with a lot of substitutes on this match; I don’t think Armando Sadiku, the international Albanese striker will play, as he’s on loan from FC Zurich, and defender Von Niederhausern will be out, suspended. So, on resume, Zurich must win yes or yes or yes this dramatic match at Letzigrund…and put then the eyes at Ticino seeking the miracle of Sankt Gallen.”
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