Fc Barcelona vs Deportivo La Coruna Betting Tip and Prediction

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It’s about Barcelona v Deportivo de La Coruña from our Tipster Radoslaw Radecki.
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“Barcelona coming up into this match in a very uncomfortable position, which is caused by quite a few reasons, which are explained below.
1. Messi injury.
Those who watch Barcelona daily, can easely separate Barca with, and Barca without their superstar. They lose so much creativity in attack at his absence.
2. Sergio Roberto injury.
Roberto prooved himself as a vital and base player nowadays. Aside from big impact he does when he plays (biggest number of assists in team so far) there is no real replacement.
Alex vidal is a natural solution, but for six matches Catalan was not even on the bench. He doesnt seem to be in Lucho’s plans, who does not believe in him and consider him a player worse than the rest of the squad.
3. Neymar started his training today. shouldnt be in a best spot at the match.
4. Big match with Manchester City is coming up few days after La Coruna. This naturally leads to lesser motivation on this, theoretically, easy match. Yes, Barca wants to win all the matches, but subconsciously they do not care about home league that much anymore, comparing to Champions League. They have won la liga so many times lately, and are largely more focused on European Cup right now.
5. Quite a few Barcelona players just came back from their World Cup matches, might be a little stale, especially since they have their Champions League at tuesday.
6. Also a few words about La coruna: what we can admit, is that they do not lose their matches too hard. They have to defend their goal for major part of their matches and they seem to be getting better and better at doing it. Lost only one goal to Athetico lately, for instance.

Overall, I believe Barcelona will manage to shoot goal, but I believe this will not come THAT easy, especially during first 45 minutes. GL HF.
P.s. current odds best at pinnacle/sbo/victor, but this should all get more close on other bookies as well as the time goes.”

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