Denver Broncos v Carolina Panthers Tip and Prediction

Denver Broncos v Carolina Panthers

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“Denver and Carolina. The Final is a special game but not a game by itself. It’s the synthesis of the whole championship, a summary of everything that has been learned about yourself and about your opponents during the season. It requires a mental training more than a physical one, while trying to figure out at the same time what is the other team’s strategy, because football is much closer to a chess game than to a wrestling match. For once, I would like to explain from a technical standpoint why Carolina will win the Super Bowl and I will try to do so in a simple enough way for everyone to understand. Denver will face a defensive obstacle unlike anything they have ever faced before and, even if they had, they still would not able to solve. Basically, once the football gets snapped into Cam’s hands (Carolina’s QB), he would find himself having two choices: give the football to a running back or throw it to the receivers. Instead, Cam would also have a third option, something very few quarterbacks have: he could run WITH the football. This move will force Denver’s defense to make a decision between going after the running back, going after him or covering against the wide receivers and tight ends. Either way, it could very well be not enough. When Carolina play a draw (a running play disguised as a passing play to force Denver to bring more defenders to the backfield), they do so in a special way, that is “accompanying” the play for a yard or two alongside the running back, while the football still lays in their hands. When this happens, what are the defenders supposed to do? If they went after Cam, he could pass the football to the running back. Otherwise, he could throw it to the wide receivers or simply keep it and run. Basically, Denver will find themselves in an “damned if they do, damned if they don’t” kind of dilemma. Denver will try to stay in the match with Manning, who will be busy trying not to commit any mistakes, and they will attempt to make use of their running game. My prediction is that their strategy will crash against Carolina’s defense and, once down in the score, will resolve to risky long throws which in order will equate to a suicide. In the end, I see Carolina dominating the game.”

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