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“Another great match in these Olympics. These two Balkan nations have got a rich history of head-to-head rivalry, and historic events these two nations have gone through years add only more spice on this basketball dish. I have to admit that my initial thought was taking Croatia as underdogs, but I have changed my opinion recently. The reason I did it is because I think both teams are very uncomfortable for each other to defend. Croatia possess a few super talents in Bogdanovic, Hezonja, Saric, and Simon. The bench impact is minimal, but in these Olympics Babic and Planning have already pleased me with their confident episodes. I simply don’t know how Serbia will defend against Saric and Bogdanovic, because the Serbs don’t have appropriate players to hand on these two Croatian in-form stars. Serbia on its turn is a team with fantastic ball movement. With 22.8 assists per match, Serbia is currently ranked third in the category of the best assisting teams with only the USA and Australia higher. Their pick’n’roll plays are absolutely lethal, and it will be particularly hard for the Croats to defend the paint when Saric is on the bench. In think the Croats will try to squeeze up inside the paint and allow the Serbs to shoot open three pointers, but it’s again a risky deal as head coach Djordjevic’s got many great perimeter shooters at his disposal. I have to be open – I don’t think Croatia can defend against Serbia with success. Of course, derby games are often filled with frustration, which impacts shooting accuracy in a bad way. Nonetheless, these two teams have looked rock solid mentally thus far, so I feel that shooting will be decent from both sides. If that’s really a case, then overs should cash in with ease.”
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