BC Real Madrid v Fenerbahce betting tip and prediction

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“This is Game 3 in the best-of-five series between Fenerbahce Ulker and Real Madrid, the first mentioned team leading the series 2-0. I can’t say I didn’t expect a scenario in which Fenerbahce would dominate the series, because the Istanbul giants do look like a real force this season. Their offence is smart and stable, talent is all over the court, and defence was third-best in the whole Euroleague after the Top 16 stage. Anyway, the way Fenerbahce routed Real in Game 2 was shocking to me. The Royal Whites were decent with their offence and scored 78 points in that game, but allowing 100 is way too much to find comforting words for the defending champions’ defence. What Fenerbahce realized from the first two series matches is Real’s transition defence is meant to be ripped apart by the quickness and athleticism of the Istanbul perimeter players. Real will do their best to protect their pride and avoid a sweep in the series, especially as they’re back on their home court. Madrid will try to exploit their crazy three-point shooting skills and pacey offence in front of their fans, and I think they will succeed on the mission. They’ll find it hard to defend the basket themselves, I am afraid, because Fenerbahce now knows where to strike Real at to finish them off. After losing twice in the series already, I think Real has got more chances to pull off the win from this game. At the same time I think the odds on their win are way too short to be treated seriously, simply put. Where I do find betting value is in the total points market, because I am somewhat convinced that defence will be topped by fierce offence from the both sides. That said, no maximum stakes are recommended from me as this is the playoff time where frustration sometimes takes over even the most experienced teams.”

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