BC Olympiakos Piraeus vs BC Zalgiris Betting Tip and Prediction

BC Olympiakos Piraeus vs BC Zalgiris Betting Tip and Prediction

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The Lithuanian and the Greek champions are locking their horns on Friday night in Piraeus. Both teams are currently sitting in the rock bottom of Group F as the Greek side has got 4 wins, Zalgiris only 2. Zalgiris won in Kaunas 79-61 after fully dominating the game for the entire 40 minutes but which side will prevail this time? I believe this will be Olympiakos. This is because they have a more experienced head coach, a born leader in Spanoulis, more cohesion, and the home court advantage. The Greek side is capable of playing great defence too, which is not good news for Zalgiris that has often got stuck offensively this season. It’s true that the Lithuanian champions have improved slightly since signing Ukrainian international Randle for the main playmaker role but the latter won’t have easy times going forward as the hosts can throw Mantzaris and Hackett at him. In low post, Olympiakos and Zalgiris look good matchup as Hunter, Printezis, and Agravanis looks equal to Jankunas, Vougioukas, Motum. Seibutis and Pocius are two silent cannons for Zalgiris this season but both have potential in games like this. However, there’s also one big advantage possessed by Zalgiris. The Greens’ current head coach Jasikevicius played in a Pao Jersey under Obradovic’s guidement from 2007 to 2010 and showed great knowledge of playing Olympiakos in the first game in Kaunas. In fact, from the tactical point of view it’s been the best coached game by Saras since his approval for the head coach, which strongly hints his past and present relations with Obradovic. Although Obradovic has long left the camp of Panathinaikos, Olympiakos’ style has changed little since Obradovic and Jasikevicius’ days in Athens, and the two have achieved a lot of nice wins over the bitter city rivals. So, despite not having all advantages in their hand, Zalgiris can give Olympiakos something to chew in this game, especially now that Olympiakos is not going through the best of times. However, keep in mind that Zalgiris is not a very reliable team away from home, so I strongly recommend not to stake much on this one.


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