Australia vs USA Betting Tip and Prediction

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“Olympic Games contain only 12 teams, and most of them are so-called best of the best. Because of it, Olympic basketball tournaments are never shy of fantastic basketball games, and my intuition tells the best basketball players from Australia and the United States will create a good show for the fans in the Carioca Arena. Both teams are 2-0 after two rounds of action, which means that some rivalry is to be expected in this game, although the mighty Americans remain heavy favorites without any doubt. The NBA stars carried China and Venezuela off the road 119-62 and 113-69 accordingly, but Australia were not less impressive for sure as they trashed France 87-66 in the Olympic opener, and then did the same with Serbia en route to another amazing 95-80 win. This USA team possess a fantastic starting five, and when Cousins, Anthony, Thompson, Durant, and Irving are on the court at one and the same time, any defense is meant to shake and tremble. However, the bench of this American team is not as much inspiring as it has been for the past few years, and it might count again in the playoffs. The Americans did enjoy their power playing poor China and Venezuela, but Australia is an entirely different story. With Bogut, Baynes, Bairstow, and Andersen inside the paint, Australia can give a battle even for the USA when it comes to playing inside the paint. On the perimeter the Americans do have a huge masterclass advantage, but in-form Dellavedova and Millls’ presence in the Australian camp makes me feel not so hopeless for Australia even on this aspect. Besides, Australia can always offer some surprises any given day as Broekhoff, Ingles, and Bairstow are yet to demonstrate their best in these Olympic Games. As ever, there is a 99 percent chance that the Americans will leave the Arena as the winners. That said, Australia are a very athletic team, and they have 5 persons with years of NBA experience on the roster. On top of it, the Boomers are on a roll now after two breathtaking wins over their main contenders for top placing in Group A. I thing all these reasons are just more than enough to try a gambler’s luck by handicapping the eternal Oceania champions as underdogs.”
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