Angers vs Toulouse Prediction

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Prediction on Angers vs Toulouse Prediction

“Toulouse is the League 1 form team at the moment. The paradox is that this team plays relegation. The arrival of Pascal Dupraz completely changed the team. Players have not become better individually, they are better collectively. Their mindset is much more combative, they play in compact block and make a constant pressing on one who has the ball. Consequently they concede very few occasions and can count on Ben yedder in attack to score because he is very effective. Angers saw the opposite situation, a fantastic start and very difficult end season. The team is tired because the players ran a lot since the beginning of the season. Thomas and Mangani are suspended, two major players in the axial in the system Stephane Moulin (angers coach). Auriac and Diers could probably play their last game at Angers, which will benefit our pick because these players have played very little this year and were very inefficient. Finally my analysis, some players Angers will maybe sign a good contract (saiss, ketkeo, ndoye), so they do certainly not play at 100%, with the risk of injury. Toulouse is arch-favorite in my opinion, the odds are low but I still see a good value.”

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