Angelique Kerber v Johanna Konta Free tennis tip

The WTA is where the action is tomorrow. Its about Angelique Kerber v Johanna Konta. We’ve got a free tip from tipster Dejan Herman Tennis for you right HERE:

“Angelique Kerber played a perfect match yesterday or at least perfect enough to create the biggest surprise of the tournament so far. She was 4:0 up in the first set playing some incredible tennis taking opportunity of every single little chance Azarenka gave her. It was unrealistic to expect she will play like that all the match and naturally when she stopped Azarenka won the next 3 games and had a 15:40 to level the score. Kerber missed her first serve, but then she took a game winning risk on the second serve down the middle line and that was the turning point of the first set. Azarenka was stopped in her momentum and Kerber was “on fire” again. Kerber was fully prepared for that match and it was obvious that she had a game plan and that to execute that game plan she will have to play almost perfectly, which she did. She remembered the that 61 63 defeat in Brisbane and she was extremely motivated to beat Azarenka for the first time. She managed to get into her head and that was half the victory. Facing Konta will be something completly different. I expect huge letdown after such a big win. This is Grand Slam semifinal and she will surely be extremly motivated for that match, but I don’t expect her to be “Azarenka” motivated and she won’t have the same “risky, all or nothing” game plan like in that match. She will try to play her own “normal” game and that is something that just won’t be enough to cover this handicap againts Konta who is playing the best tennis of her life and who already in this tournament won a match against a very tough lefthanded player in Makarova.”

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