Air Force Falcons vs Navy Midshipmen Betting Tip and Prediction

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“Navy Worth and Gulley have been this offense’s main story, but they have great depth in the rushing game that extends to RB Chris High who took 51 yards a touchdown for himself. They haven’t been as dominate as they could be, however. While their offense has been confident, they haven’t scored the major numbers they need to put away games early. They’ve had to fight in the fourth to take their victories and fend off scores with a strong but not perfect defense. They’ll need to be fast and decisive in scoring if they want to send the Air Force Falcons to 3-1. Air Force Their offense has been tremendous as well. They entered the game against Utah State as the nation’s leading rusher, with an average 432.5 yards per game. They only managed 213 against the Aggies, but still played well and gutted Utah for enough yards to take the win. Their passing game could have improved, with only 113 total yards and one touchdown in the air, but they’ve played consistence football with great defense. The Navy Midshipmen should be afraid of the Falcons’ game changing defense and nearly unstoppable run game. No matter the records, no matter the venue, no matter any other circumstances, the annual game between two schools that produce America’s heroes is always significant and thrilling for college football.Both teams are @3-0 and someone is going to lose. Last 5 games are close calls or Navy blowouts. These two teams normally play each other close, so the spread might be a tough call to cover here so I am going with the Admirals.”

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