Agf Aarhus vs Viborg Ff Betting Tip and Prediction


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“This game feels like Deja Vu to me. The Dannish Superliga started in a very similiar fashion last year. Aarhus won their first game and then face Viborg, who lost their starting duel. History, so far, repeats itself this year, only difference is now Aarhus host Viborg while last year it was the other way round. The game ended in a draw last year and I pretty much expect the same on Friday. Starting the season with two games in a raw is a sign of ambition and capability for competing for the title and I haven’t seen much improvement from Aarhus to deduct that this is the case. Aarhus have a very young side while Viborg have much more experience and they know how to get results from less experienced sides away from home. “

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