Tuttocuoio vs AC Ancona Betting Tip and Prediction

Tuttocuoio vs AC Ancona Betting Tip and Prediction

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“It’s a very big risk but at home Tuttocuoio in 14 matches has 11 made goals and 14 taken while Ancona that must reach the play-off zone in 13 away matches has 14 made goals and 11 taken…fully mirrored data, therefore in my opinion under 2,5 will be very easy, under 1,5 is a risky business but for me it’s feasible because it will be a fought match, Ancona maybe will play the season in this match and Tuttocuoio is over the play-out zone only one point..under and over depend very much by single episode: free-kick, penalty-kick, etc. but for both teams it will be no mistake, for me it could finish 0-0, 0-1…we’ll see it!!!!”


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